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  • Web Design and Development company-Grips
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  • Web Design and Development company-Grips
  • Web Design and Development company-Grips
  • Web Design and Development company-Grips
  • Web Design and Development company-Grips
  • Web Design and Development company-Grips
  • Web Design and Development company-Grips
  • Web Design and Development company-Grips
Case Studies- Web Design Company

Grips has been worked on so many projects till the day and our web development experts team are still creating some imaginative and innovative website designs for our customers. Here are a few case studies of projects we have worked upon. We always try to and certainly get success into providing peek performances into our technologies as we go about developing and designing custom websites and web applications.

We have a special team who are appointed just to analyze all the requirements and needs of our clients and then that special team have a meeting with our web development team to discuss all of the points and to handover the project to them carefully. If there is any deadline given by any client then we always try to complete the job under that and we never get failed under that.

Take a look at some of our web development and search engine optimization case studies to see how we've been able to incorporate both form and function into our clients' websites:

Real Estate

Project #1 Aditya Real Estate Service Providers

Undereal estate case studyr this project we had to create such a website design that can confined all the property dealers and property searchers. Aditya Real Estate came to Grips in search of a complete solution to establish an accurate and professional presence on the internet through a complete and best website design. We delivered a custom website design, built front-end web-based applications for use by visitors to them, and also succeeded in attaining global top-3 rankings for two extremely competitive search terms.

Project #2 Applecity Real Estate Agency

This real estate agency was having challenges getting sales due to stiff competition and economy changes. Agency owner soon realized that their old brochure website needed an upgrade to help them promote their new image and to attract new customers (both buyers and sellers).  He also wanted to offer his clients extra services that would help them sell their properties.real estate case study

We helped them to provide an easy and friendly website navigational environment in all the areas in India near Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Faridabad, Ghaziabad and in so many places they provide services.

The resulting site features a clean design, custom front-end web applications, and a world-class presence near the top of the search engines.

Project #1 Commodity Tips Advisory Trading Company

This company is one of the largest trading companies situated in Delhi. When our web development team started work for them they had a website but its presence in front of users was not more than not exists and the reason behind is that they had an outdated database system. The service a trading company provides are completely depends upon the internet and hence the better website presence and good visibility is highly required.

OurTrading case studies web experts’ team studied their database system thoroughly and then moved it from the old system to web servers. We designed and developed a website with all the trading options available on their website and make them all visible to the customers in such manner which shows users attentive. Their website earned higher ranking in major search engines quickly which eventually increased their online leads.

Project #2 Commodity Trading Call Company
A famous and successful International Trading Company established in Delhi, India came to us to redesign the logo of their website. They found that the logo showing on their website previously was not enough capable to represent their role.  The target audience on this particular website is 15 to 30 year olds looking for young and trendy items. The brands are unique so they have to target individual consumers. They want logo is to be iconic in design. There are no restrictions on the number of colors used.

trading call case study

And then the role of our designers’ team starts by putting a meeting so that all of us can generate ideas to get a best logo design for our client. After discussing all of the stuffs and ideas our designer’s team divides the parts of the project to each individual according to his/her expertise.  There are a minimum of 3 designers per project but the number can vary as some clients feel that having one designer is best and others believe “2 heads are better than one”.

Project #3 Stock Tips Experts Company

It is one of the best Stock & Commodity trading company provides highly accurate tips on your receiving media like mobile or yahoo messenger. The website design they want from us has to appeal more to future leads and could be as easy as swapping out those terrible stock photos for images of their actual staff. The database of website was very overwhelmed and to manage that without losing the huge traffic that already coming to the previous website design was a primary challenge for our web team experts.

Finally the web designer’s team of Grips associated some individuals who are experts in database managing. Then they started to modify the whole websites in a smooth navigation and effective usability. We know share market trading is a gambling, but it is totally depends on traders. We know lots of people make losses in the share market during trading hour. All of have just the same reason to loss his money that they are not able to get proper and accurate advice on all calls.

Project #1 Eagle Cargo Packers and Movers

A famous Packers and Movers company based in Delhi, India Came to us to have a web design that is more eye catching and modular in type with a section/box for each of their services. Here, the challenge which our web experts’ team faced was to create such website that can attain the users for various purposes like relocating, car carrier, transportation, cargo moving and packing.Packers and Movers Case Study

We did full web site design, development and SEO for them. Best part of this design is that it is SEO friendly and supports all the components of SEO. At the end of six month of SEO campaign client’s conversion grew by almost 40%. He got local business calls and leads from form.

Project #2 Real Time Cargo Movers

Real Time Cargo Movers is a moving company that performs all moving services including packing, unpacking, storage and moving, for both residential and commercial purposes. They came to us after analyzing a lot of companies in field of web development and internet marketing. The reason behind choosing us is the strength in design and Internet Marketing of our web expert’s team and website optimization team respectively. Their demand was to have more than just a website in which we are completely professional.

Packers and Movers Case StudyThe website designed by our team was well-organized and much more sophisticated than their previous website.  Customers are able to view each individual capability of the company from the homepage, including local, interstate, moving, packing and storage.  There are also customized commercial and residential pages so that each user gets content specialized to their needs.


Project #1 Promiitto Car Solutions

Promiitto vehicle certification is one of the most professional and reliable companies in the finance and insurance industry. They required a memorable dynamic brand and a frequent and easy navigational website design at which the customers can easily find their services of car insurance, RTO services, car finance, cars on rent and future planning.

Grips started this demanding project with careful research of the already crowded financial and auto insurance services marketplace and finally created such website design which is really successful in satisfying the client and the clients of the client. Our SEO experts team also worked for them through which they have really achieved a big promotion in the internet market.

Project #1 Combine Technology

This project came to us last year and their demands were very simple and specific. The client wanted us to create such a website whose domain can itself speaks out the multi talent work in technology. Hence we registered a unique and purpose serving domain name for them.

The next step was to create a website design that can go with their services they are providing right now and will also satisfy the services they are going to provide in future. Their specific point was that they do not want any changes in their website design in future.

Hence, our web team experts designed their website which is completely reliable with all the consequences and services.


Our SEO experts’ team is also there to improve the visibility of your website in search engine result pages. We are optimizing numerous projects on search engines and giving the effective results in generating revenues to our customers.

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