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1.Tips to Create a Fabulous Facebook Timeline Cover Photo

As we all know that Facebook is the most visited website in the world and everyone wants to make their profile attractive for commercial use or for entertainment. To make this job done the first thing is your cover photo which is essential to be awesome and fabulous so that you can get a good traffic to your profile or facebook page. Your cover photo is the first image visitors see when they land on your page. It sets the tone for what they should expect to see. If the tone is correct and the targeting visitors reach there it will be definitely implanted in their head.

So here we have some major points by following them you can rock your Facebook page for your business and also for a casual look. Yes, you can find the information is available in Facebook’s Terms and Conditions, but we have taken the time to simplify it for you.

Dimensions of your Cover Photo: Your cover photo must be 851 pixels wide by 315 pixels tall. If you upload an image that is smaller than these dimensions, it will be stretched to fit the larger size and may appear fuzzy or of poor quality. The image you upload, must be at least 399 pixels wide.

To get the best quality image and fastest load times for your page, upload a standard RGB jpeg file that’s 851 pixels wide, 315 pixels tall and less than 100 kilobytes.

Dimensions of your Profile Picture: Your profile picture must be at least 180 pixels wide. To verify your image size, simply right-click on the picture and check the photo dimension included in the properties (100px x 91px would be too small, for example).

If you can’t find the photo’s dimensions, try uploading the picture and assigning it as your profile picture. You will see an error message if the image is too small. Terms &

Conditions for Cover Photos defined by Facebook: Facebook has created some new terms that must be followed. All covers are public. This means that anyone who visits your Page will be able to see your cover. Covers cannot be deceptive, misleading, or infringe on anyone else’s copyright. You may not encourage people to upload your cover to their personal timelines.

Covers may not include:

• Price or purchase information, such as “40 percent off” or “download it on”

• Contact information such as a website address, e-mail, mailing address, or information that should go in your Page’s “About” section.

• References to Facebook features or actions, such as “Like” or “Share” or an arrow pointing from the cover photo to any of these features.

• Calls to action, such as “Get it now” or “Tell your friends.” Facebook wants your page cover photo to be an eye-catching photograph.

They want to help you get as many followers/fans as possible. Remember, the more fans you have, the more fans Facebook has too.

Posted Date: 03-Nov-2012

2.Google's SEO Report Card

Google’s SEO Report Card is an effort to provide Google’s product teams with ideas on how they can improve their products’ pages using simple and accepted optimizations. The two major things to which this report card is associated are to help search engines in understanding the content of our pages in a better way and the second one is to improve our users’ experiences while they visit our sites.

This report card actually helps the webmasters and seo experts in learning to sort out the major problems of the websites such as fixing 404s and broken links, simplifying URL choice, and providing easier-to-understand titles and snippets for our pages. By following these steps our web page can benefit both users and search engines.

In other words, this report card is the result of an almost self-audit which the Google team performed to analyze web pages and how they are performing on search engines. The full report card has 49 pages of reading material and it is divided into three main topics.

1- Search Result Presentation- Under this section, you can see the instructions by Google for your web page about title tag, description meta tag and the structure of your URL which you are currently having.

2- URLs and Redirects- This section consists all the important tips about the URLs and their redirections. If there exists any canonical then you can see the instructions there that how you have to deal with that canonical situation.

3- On-Page Optimization- Every SEO people know that this is the major part for any website as it contains number of points to maintain. If On-page factors are not very well settled or you can say that are not following all the policies of Google then doing off-page for that website or a web page is just a waste of time. So, under this section you will see the tips for improving on-page terms for your website which are necessary to be improved.

All of the recommendations under the report card are highly considerable and if you follow all of these then you can find your web page on higher positions in search engine result pages very soon. And at last Google provides additional resources such as the Google’s SEO starter guide etc.

Posted Date: 7-Nov-2012

3.Make Your Website Attentive for Mobile Users

In this technical world where mobile phones are highly dominating in everyone’s lives, it is very necessary for website designers and developers to prepare such an effective and attentive website that can bring to a standstill for the mobile users. You should know that a mobile visitor is typically looking for a few key pieces of information such as directions to your office, a click-to-call phone number or a map of your store locations. What they’re not looking for are lengthy staff bios, information about your corporate philosophy or PDFs of your latest press releases.

Now, let’s discuss here some latest tips for a perfect mobile website design:

1- Include Key pieces of Information: The first step in creating a mobile website is determining what content you will include. Given the restricted amount of screen space, it’s important to figure out what key pieces of information your visitors will probably be looking for.

2- Streamlined Layout of your website: It is very important to keep the site layout as streamlined as possible. Mobile web pages will load slower than traditional web pages, so it’s important to keep the number of pages to a minimum. By doing so, your visitors will have a better experience when they’re on your site.

3- White Space effectiveness: Always remember that mobile device screens are really quite small, and that adding in too many unnecessary elements can result in confusion or frustration for users if they are not quickly able to access the information they are looking for. To solve this problem, build your mobile site version and then eliminate at least 1-2 design elements from your chosen structure to ensure an appropriate amount of white space.

4- iPhones itself do not support Flash and Java: The obvious reason for avoiding Flash is that Apple products do not support Flash and have declared that they have no intention to do so in the future. Because iPhones make up about 30% of the smart phone market, a significant portion of your audience may not be able to access your content if you use Flash. Similarly, many phones do not support Java, and even if they do, using Java can be a huge drag on load time.

Posted Date: 17-Nov-2012

4.Software Development Process Makes Touch Accessibility Feasible

I love computers, always have, always will and my love for them is increasing day by day. And the reason behind is the latest technologies which are making them more feasible and user friendly. The Nexus 7 is excellent, the Nexus 10 looks fantastic, I can't wait to get my hands on the twice as fast iPad 4, the new Chrome books are finally decent and priced right, and then there's the Microsoft RT in the market now. In short, I have all the reasons to be a computer nerd and a computer lover as surrounded by such amazing technologies.

After living with so many wonderful computer technologies this is the time to remove the mouse, remove the keyboards, and remove the monitors. Reducing a computer to its absolute minimum leads us inexorably, inevitably to the tablet (or, if a bit smaller, the phone). All you're left with is a flat, featureless slate that invites you to touch it. Welcome to the world of touch which is a great invention among so many software development process.

Touch pad don't mix you ended clicking on things you NEVER EVER intended to.

This touch accessibility with computers really makes them more user-friendly and yes gives a wonderful style to use. And finally I realized that I love to touch computers. And why not? We constantly point and gesture at everything in our lives, including our screens. It's completely natural to want to interact with computers by touching them.

The wisdom of touch screens in this world has been highly dominated to the computer market. And this is just because of we have a lot of special tablet devices. But Surface proves that's not true; typing and touching are spectacularly compatible, at least for laptops. And I'm beginning to wonder about my desktop a little, because lately I'm starting to I think I want to touch that, too.

Posted Date: 23-Nov-2012

5.Embrace the Flexibility of Web Designing

Web Design means to create effective interface between technology and people which allows them to present their information and use it for meaningful purposes. The term flexibility is really very useful to be present their between both of them people and technology.

A great designer says “It is the nature of the web to be flexible, and it should be our role as designers and developers to embrace the flexibility, and produce pages which, by being flexible, are accessible to all”.

The exact flexibility can only obtain by using the right material of the web. To design a proper web it is needful to understand it in a proper manner. Some major characteristics for a web you need HTTP (the how), URLs (the where) and HTML (the what). If you are less with any of these three terms then you are no longer building the web.

The quality of a best web design is “It should be accessible from any kind of hardware that can connect to the internet: stationary or mobile, small screen or large”.

Posted Date: 27-Nov-2012

6.Aspects of Web Design that directly affect User Experience

If you want to stand out from the crowd then you are lucky to have numerous opportunities in this technical world. By being ahead of the curve or by embracing new techniques that can help you to improve the performance of your website you can actually make yourself perfect in this field.

So, today we are going to discuss here about some essential aspects that can actually affect your users’ experiences about creative and innovative web designs and web development. Professional and highly skilled web designers understand how to design a website that can achieve positive users’ interaction, and how to encourage new user behaviors and habits. World-class designers of a world class web design company introduce emotion and have fun along the way while website development.

web development company
Make your Best Navigation or Content Stick: Plenty of websites are doing this today by fixing the position of some content or any navigation which can always be seen on the web page while scrolling up-down the page. The most famous example for this activity is social media buttons. Publishers are increasingly pinning content to the header and footer of the visible page, which may be a step too far.

Having Grid Layout: You can see that top famed and well known social media sites are following this strategy to have Grid’s layout like Pinterest, Stumbleupon and so many. So if your website has some kind of feature then it can show the users your creativity and imaginations in technology.

Influential content on your website: The best example for such activity is to show how many users are currently using your website or a web page. This kind of statement and strategy always work to keep stay users and customers on your website.

Posted Date: 8-Dec-2012

7.Web Designing Key Tips

Every web designer knows to create a web design but not everyone knows the key tips for creating a best website design which can actually help in improving your business. Following these tips while developing and designing a website we can prevent mistakes altogether.

Content of website: The first and foremost thing to consider while designing a website is the content for that website. This makes the core of the website, and no matter how many frills you add in your design, bad content will always show through. Every web page needs to offer something useful and concise which means that the demanding and informative content is always helpful. People rarely read endless rows of information on a website unless it is a book they are reading.

Flexibility in Navigation: A website is a collection of web pages which the visitor can navigate through. So it is very important to have flexibility in the navigation of web pages for your website. Information that needs to be provided can be structured in such a way that every webpage exists independently and leads to other parts of the site.

web development company

Compatibility with all browsers: Not every professional web development company India takes this factor seriously as it is very necessary to create such a website design which can be easily compatible with all the browsers. If you want to reach to the wide audience then you must not avoid this key tip for a successful web design.

Posted Date: 14-Dec-2012

8.Best Google Search Tips for Facebook Apps

Using Google many times in a day is now everyone’s habit whether it is to solve any query or to gather news about any incident or event. We just put it in Google’s search bar and press enter and here are the results regarding to our search. But many of us sometimes find such websites or web pages in searches which are somehow irrelevant to our query. And if you are getting frustrate because of such results then here are some best tips for you which are itself suggested by Google to make your search results exact and more efficient.

Search for a precise phrase: Let’s take an example to explain it. If you are going to search for facebook apps then instead of just typing facebook apps you can search it by showing Google that this key word phrase is very precise. For dong this you need to write your key phrase in double quotes like “facebook apps”.

Words that you don’t want in search results: While searching facebook apps you do not want to see twitter apps in search results then there is the best way to do the job is by typing your desired key phrase minus undesired key phrase. For example: facebook apps- twitter apps.

Search special document types: Sometimes we do want to find some special document types for our specific key phrases and to do this in a proper manner you just need to type your key phrase with keyword “filetype” then the type which you want. For example: “facebook apps” filetype:pdf

Definition of your keyword: If you want to know the definition of any key word or key phrase then you just need to type them before “define:” in search box. Like if you are looking for the definition of facebook cover photo. For example: define:facebook cover photo.

Posted Date: 24-Dec-2012

9.Minimalism web designing makes a Website more Designed

Many of us do believe in the fact that these days the most likeable and pleased website designs are following minimalism. Yes, the trend of using minimalist designs has been with us for a while now. It seems like every day major design blogs publish a new gallery of great designs but still people are following that web design company which is quite professional and experienced in showing creativity in minimal designs. And one of the essential reason behind success of such companies is that they that you can learn a lot from it and use it to improve your skills significantly.web design company

Age of Noisy web designs has been gone

After the dark age of the 90s’ when the dark age of web designing came in influence in 2000s along with many Flash animations, fancy Photoshop graphics, and all kinds of other clutter, the people found it more creative and attractive. No doubt, that all these stuffs and tracts require huge knowledge, experience and labor but finally after 20 years of noise a time of calm has come, bringing us this whole minimalism. People simply had enough off all the sites that were impossible to grasp and extremely user-unfriendly.

Facts that a Minimal web design possess

There are so many things have been changed with this new trend of website designing as the term minimalist change all that and provide a new, friendly environment. A website follows the trend has nothing else but except for the things that absolutely need to be there. There’s no clutter and no confusion. And the sites are easy to grasp within the first 2 seconds of looking at them.
Posted Date: 27-Dec-2012

10.New Year 2013 Resolutions for Web Designers

First of all, Happy New Year 2013 to everyone.  Yes, it’s that time once more when you make new year’s resolutions and the funny part is that while looking at it you find that it’s pretty much just like last year. But just like all fingers are not same all the people are not same because many really stick to their resolutions and I salute their determination. If you take a look on over all resolutions you will find one common thing that everyone wishes to leave behind the bad activities and failures and move towards the good activities and success.
Happy New Year

Similarly while creating website designs sometimes we create a fabulous in form of success and sometimes create a bad in form of failure. This is happen because we are still following some earlier rules and regulations while website designing. So here are some tips which can get always get you a fabulous website design and you need to follow all these tips as your new year’s resolution.
Here is an inspiring list of resolutions for web designers, developers and bloggers. Hopefully to get you started on the new year right.

Manage your Time and Finish the Pending work: You still might be pretty lazy to getting back to work and do your thing as you have just spend a good time with your family and friends in holidays but now it’s time to move back to work with higher potential and enthusiasm. To get yourself warmed up, why not organize and update your new daily planner. If you don’t have a daily planner or organizer – get one! Write down what you need to do for the day and prioritize your activities. Starting from the most important to the least. Using your time wisely will make you productive and efficient.Come out from your comfort zone: This is one of the best things which can make you more creative and innovative. If you will always stay in the same zone and will never move over your expertise line then you can never find your creativity. For example – if you are into print designing, try anything on web designing. If you are into web designing, then try print designing. Take yourself to a new and challenging form of activities or hobbies that would also make you profit in the near or later future. Reading always enhances knowledge: Try to read one book relevant to your field and topic in a short term of period. This tips always works and as far as I know every genius is genius because he has a big resource of knowledge and books are the best resource from ever.

Following Top Designers is always helpful: Yes, following the top web designers on twitter is really an effective way because from them you can find out some new and latest website designs they have created. Through their designs you can also develop your ideas which can help you in creating some different website design of your own.

Posted Date: 2-Jan-2013

11.A latest and customized Module for Joomla lovers

Do you use Joomla? Are you looking for something best and very user friendly to share your feeds and news in Joomla? If you are up to with any of this query or near about some then there is a good news for you all that AiDaNews- the Joomla advanced module is back! Yes, as we all know that AiDaNews2 is the next step in the direction of an easy and versatile Joomla! This module was developed by Joomla team last year and now they have launched it again in the market for the users with an advanced and more customized version.

Role of AidaNews: The Joomla team states that now AiDaNews follows the MVC pattern (so the Joomla- Latest newsarticles are retrieved in an helper file and displayed using a template file), passes the W3C code check without an error, uses CSS files instead of style tags (but mantains the possibility of styling the module right from the backend!), has CSS classes for every element (and even special classes for first/last element and such) and is overall a much more reliable and correct module from the point of view of the code.

New Features of AiDaNews2: While asking for its new features I have asked by so many with the starting “AiDaNews2 has lots of new features that will make the users' life easier.” Then they continue “Pre-made styles will rapidly make the module match every kind of site, and will allow experts to create their own configurations that can be shared between groups of modules making maintenance easier.”

Every Joomla user is well understood with the problem of layout positions which is also somehow handled in this module by extending the layout positions from 5 to 9. Every user can easily change the appearance and position through css with endless possibilities. The module now uses a css file, but css can also be inserted from the module's backend (and you can even use a css file and then add some additional CSS rules for each individual istance).

The source to download the most user friendly module of Joomla is the same of the earlier version i.e.

Posted Date: 10-Jan-2013

12.Best tools to improve your semantic strategy at your web page

Here we are going to discuss some tips and tacts through which you can improve your semantic strategy and it directly effects on your website’s ranking in search engine result pages. All of us know that now, Google does not only give priority to our targeting keywords or anchor texts but also to the relevant keywords and content present in that page and other web pages of a website. From then it does not remains an easy job for seo services India to achieve highest ranking.

                       Because we believe that where there is a will there is a hope.

google semantic strategy

The tools which are really effective to improve your own relevance profile and to understand what is considered ‘relevant’ to you, and how, in a semantic world are following:

CTRL semantic - This is a great tool to enrich your on page content. Through this tool you can semantically optimize your own site in an effective way. By pasting in snippets of your post the engine finds semantically associated images and other content for you to link out to and add.

LSI - It is a tool which is great for a multitude of things, especially big data led content cu ration. One of its ‘tools’ however is great for understanding degrees of relevance separation. The leading seo company India states that once you type in a keyword you have the option to scroll through a number of different tools but the one that we want to use for this is the Sonar+.

Google semantic operator (~) Tilde symbol- A really useful operator to help define semantic keyword relationships. By adding this particular operator with your searching keyword when searching at Google (for example “Travels”) you will see other words that Google has mapped against that word, such as Hotels, Flights, Holiday, Tours.

Posted Date: 15-Jan-2013

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