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JAVA Overview

Java™ technology development requires complete understanding of your business needs and accordingly devising java solutions that are secure, scalable and reliable. Java™ platforms recognized for their superior performance, features, portability and development tools.  Java™ consults and takes responsibility for ensuring the success of the full life-cycle development of Java.

Java Software Solutions

Grips with Java Solutions provides valuable time-saving features for Java developers, designers or architects. Some of them are following:

  • UML and BPMN modeling
  • Java code generation
  • Java code reverse engineering
  • Code/UML synchronization (model-driven and round trip)
  • Java 6 support
  • User interface for Java
  • IDE compatibility

How JAVA applications work?

Today's businesses rely on widely distributed networks of employees, suppliers and customers. With the advent of internet and the worldwide web, there is the great demand for distributed applications that can be maintained and handled easily. Internet revolution has changed the way employees work. Whether they are at home, office or any other location, it doesn’t matter a business now. In the globalized economy of outsourcing, offshore development all has elevated the vision of business.

The need of coordinating and controlling information from multiple sources across an organization remains to be a difficult task. Data carried from different locations may be integrated at one source. This gave boost for the implementation of distributed systems and distributed applications. The applications based on JAVA are easy to expand and there is little chance for a single failure. The cross platform runtime environment and the object oriented development model makes java well outfitted for distributed application systems.

Distributed Applications based on JAVA

  • Distributed applications make use of components which are scattered at different locations and at different platforms.
  • The platform independent, inter-operable Java language is the best instrument to organize and align the different components under one roof.
  • In a distributed application, individual components communicate through a common read and write network.

Java invented itself as the group at Sun identified that existing computer languages could not solve the problems of distributing applications over the network. The risk involving with distributed development includes heterogeneous computing environments, inconsistent network links and unexpected failures. A proven Java multi-tiered development architecture is the apt one for a distributed application.

The JAVA developers at GRIPS use distributed application deployment which is definitely a success only with the utilization of a collection of experiences and best practices received from real-world development engagements and error free colligation process. The distributed application systems draw the advantage of seamless integration of processes. Usability, reusability, reliability and quality factors determine the performance of any distributed application.

Role of GRIPS with JAVA online/offline Applications

Our leading application development company GRIPS has a flourishing history in the field of web applications that assure the maximum advantage of online applications using the technology of Java. We build online and offline applications which are directly proportional to the improvements towards the sales, profitability, marketing etc. Our services range from the user interface websites to complete online and offline softwares that integrates with your requirements.

Our software development experts’ team has all the required experiences so that with our systematic approach and development, we guarantee the error free functioning of Java Online / Offline combination. We firmly position ourselves as the partner providing support to the clients with the tools and functionality required for their specific requirements.

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